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Special Master     
      A special master is an officer of the court appointed to hear a case and perform functions for one or more judges.   A special master serves in a subordinate capacity to the judge and has no power or authority except as provided by an order of appointment.  To have a special master preside over your jury trial, parties file an agreed motion to appoint a special master and request the judge to enter an agreed order appointing the special master.

      Attorneys using a special master will find the procedure to be a convenient and cost-effective way to resolve their client's case.  With the certainty of a hearing or trail date setting, attorneys will be able to reduce their costs in preparing for trial and having witnesses available to testify.  The use of a special master also protects a party's right of appeal to a court of appeals and the Texas Supreme Court.

     Forms have been prepared as a guideline to aid the parties and the court.  Every referral to a master, unless authorized by statute or consented to by the parties, must comply with TEX. R. CIV. P. 171.  Simpson v. Canales, 806 S.W.2d 802 (Tex. 1991).   


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