Gary Hall is a highly respected retired civil district court judge who offers quick and affordable ways to settle disputes.   Known for his impartiality and fairness, Gary Hall can serve as your mediator, arbitrator, private judge, special master or settlement consultant.   His hours are flexible and his fees are reasonable.

                     Past Service as District Court Judge

     For 20 years, Gary Hall was judge of the 68th District Court in Dallas, Texas.  He presided over civil cases involving business disputes, personal injuries, malpractice, products liability, and injunctions.  He is well known for being a problem solver.  Through the years, attorneys in Dallas have given him high ratings for his overall performance as a judge.

     Judge Hall ran an extremely flexible court.  Most cases in his court were handled quickly and efficiently with an emphasis on fairness.  Concerned about the ever increasing costs of our court system, Judge Hall worked to lower costs and speed up the court process.  He was known for pioneering the use of mediation in the civil courts in Dallas, Texas.  His goal was to provide an open court system that was available to everyone.

  Articles, Highlights, etc.
 Dallas Bar Polls 
    Recognized by the Dallas Bar Association for exemplary service to the legal profession (2002)
    Recognized by the American Board of Trial Advocates for selfless dedication and exemplary
    service to our jury system (2002)
    Dallas Bar Association Headnotes
    Judge Hall in the History of Mediation
    See Judicial Profile of Judge Hall in JANE M. CORLEY, TEXAS JUDGE REVIEWS 200 (1999)
    Received the "Outstanding Judge in Dallas County" award in 1990 from the American Board of Trial
    Recognized for organizing the first "Settlement Week" in Dallas County, Texas.